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The Talktalk Smartax MT882 'Modem' actually contains a "HUAWEI" router chipset with a surprisingly high spec, including firewall and is configurable via a HTML interface like the FSG. There is a good WAN diagnostic page which is helpful if you have broadband problems. (don't expect to talk to anyone at Talktalk who knows anything about it easily though.) Their techies are well protected behind a multilayered international and 'temporal' firewall. You do however get ample opportunity to learn their tune 'We've got to get it together'......

The SmartAX can be connected to a PC by USB which creates a virtual network connection in Windows, and gives it an IP address of, I don't recommend this though, because much of the anti Talktalk content on the net refers to the USB problem, requiring re-installation each time the PC or the SmartAX is turned off. This has been my experience, it happened consistently over 20-30 attempts and running all the Talktalk diagnostics, which are good but failed. It must generate an enormous amount of support traffic and bad PR for Talktalk.

Lurker's Note: If the modem lost the password, then it is likely that you didn't SAVE the username and password in the modem's memory. See This link and for how to do this.

You can test the SmartAX and line, by connecting it directly to the LAN port on one PC and going through the Talktalk 'Connect and go' setup disk. This will install your log on username and password in the SmartAX Router which will autodial thereafter.

Lurker's Note: A bug in the original setup CD from 2006 August means that the user name and password are not saved in the modem; so when you switch the modem off they are lost. You are best off entering these details manually at the IP address mentioned, and using the disk only to install USB drivers directly from the "drivers" folder on the CD, or not using the disk at all if you are using the Ethernet connnection on the modem.

Don't connect the SmartAX to a LAN with the FSG running at this stage, as the modem currently has the same IP address,, as the FSG and the conflict prevents operation. We will move the FSG IP address to not conflict with the SmartAX.

The SmartAX is a DHCP host (it gives out IP adresses to connected hardware) which it supplies from a range of addresses specified in the settings. It is necessary to exclude an IP address from the range so that it can be allocated to the FSG without conflict. Once you have proved the connection on the single PC it is time to get in to the works.

Software Settings:

SmartAX Mt882 Router:

In a browser, type this should take you to the log in screen of the Smartax. Username = admin, Password = admin (unless you have changed them)

and go to:


DHCP (you will see the start and end IP address) which were to on mine

go down to:

Excluded IP and add your chosen address for the FSG, (not forgetting to 'Submit' and 'Save all)'

Example: Exclude Address:

You can connect up now but you must leave the SmartAX Router switched off, or better just connect the FSG to a PC till it is set up.

Connection Diagram:

                    ________       __________________                               __|____________
                   |        |     |  SMARTAX MT822   |                             |      FSG      |
 <<-Phone LINE----->>Filter<<----->>ADSL             |                             |               |
                   |________|     |         ETHERNET<<----------------------------->>WAN       USB<
                                  |             USB <       [COMPUTER 1]<<--------->>LAN       USB<
                                  |                  |      [COMPUTER 2]<<--------->>LAN       USB<
                                  |__________________|      [COMPUTER 3]<<--------->>LAN       USB<
                                                                                   |               |


In a browser, type (this should take you to the log in screen of the FSG). Username = admin, Password = admin (unless you have changed them).

Set up the following options:



Connection Type: "fixed IP address *"

IP address: (The address you excluded the DHCP range of the SmartAX router)

Subnetwork Mask:

Default Gateway: (IP Adresss of the SmartAX router)

DNS Servers: (Same as the Default Gateway)

Note: If your firmware version is less than 3.1.29 you will need to update it first, otherwise you will receive a message: 'Error: Cannot write configuration file'.


IP Address: (Something with at least one of the middle two numbers different to the SmartAX router's IP address to prevent the conflict mentioned above.)

Subnet Mask:


DHCP Server

Start DHCP Server: checked

Gateway: (Same as the IP Address on the LAN config page)

DNS Server: (Same as DNS Server on the WAN config page)

Subnetwork Mask:

IP Address Range: -

You can now fully connect up and switch on. (It may be necessary to repair some of the PC IP addresses so that they update to the new FSG 192.168.2 series)

Don't forget that you changed the FSG IP address so any browser links to it will need to be updated.

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